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Francis Crossman - Adobe Premiere Pro Product Manager


We have real treat this month. Francis Crossman, Adobe Premiere Pro Product Manager will speak to us.  His extensive background as a video editor and colorist is most impressive.  His knowledge is applicable to all editing platforms, not just Premiere Pro. Don't miss this opportunity to learn ways to improve your own editing techniques.

Francis will also highlight new features in Premiere Pro CC 2020 which was just released.

Before making the jump into software at Adobe, Francis worked as an editor and colorist for ten years. He is credited as editor and colorist on 31 feature-length projects. He has a solid understanding of what an editor needs to do their job well, and brings this insight to Adobe helping to make Premiere Pro a great tool for editing and finishing professional video and film projects.

NOTE: The meeting will be at

Yu Ai Kai
588 N. 4th St. San Jose