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BAPVA Meeting Wednesday, April 22 at 6:30pm

Video Exhibition Evening


Coping with Flickering LED Lights and UV / Blue Lighting at Events

We have a two part program in store. We are resuming the video exhibitions this month. This was popular in the past so we are bringing it back. It's a great way to share our work. It provides a learning experience for everyone to see others' work as well as receive feedback from our peers about our own work.

We will have a simplified format for the exhibitions. We won't have a judging panel as in the past nor will we pick a winner for the evening's exhibitions. The objective is to share our work and learn from each other. Each exhibitor can introduce their work and describe it and any shooting or editing circumstances involved with it. After each video is shown, we will have a brief Q&A discussion about it.  We plan on having three exhibition evenings during the course of the year. We will have participation recognition awards for those who submit videos of their work at more than one exhibition.

To allow time for everyone, please limit your submissions to six minutes or less. The recommended video format is .mp4 files.  Please bring your video files on an exFAT formatted USB thumb drive.

We will open the evening with a program about ways to deal with two common shooting problems - Flickering LED lights and camera sensor sensitivity to UV and blue lighting.  At events such as receptions and parties, these types of lighting have become commonplace. If not handled correctly, these lighting methods can ruin video. This is a major issue because these types of lighting have become very popular at events.

The program and demonstration will be interactive and show ways to both shoot and edit this type of lighting. If you wish, bring your own camera so you can capture the lighting that will be demonstrated so you can try some of the editing methods that will be shown on your own later. The techniques and methods that will be demonstrated can be a lifesaver for your event videos.

NOTE: The meeting will be at
Yu Ai Kai
588 N. 4th St. San Jose

There is plenty of street parking nearby. Metered parking is free after 6:00 PM
(See Map Below)