BAPVA Virtual Meeting Wednesday, May 20 @ 1:00 PM

Please join us at the BAPVA Zoom virtual meeting on Wednesday, May 20 at 1:00 PM. We have a panel of pros who will share their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities presented by Covid-19 and how the industry will move forward. The round table panel includes:


Nino Giannotti - DP/Owner of Nino Media
Florida’s Nino Giannotti is known by producers as “the problem solver”, He is an Emmy award winning TV photographer and a “first call” freelancer for ESPN and many other prestigious broadcasting networks such as NatGeo, Discovery, BBC, MLB Network, NFL Network, etc. His work can be seen everyday on national television.

Craig “Burnie” Burns is a Lighting Designer and Chief Lighting Technician with over 20 years experience in the field. Burnie has been hired on thousands of projects in that time and has brought the highest production standards to each and every project. He is the proud owner of Burnie’s Grip and Lighting. One of Burnie’s passions is exploring new business opportunities. This has lead him to start several other businesses. One is San Diego Grip and Lighting, expanding his regional reach throughout Southern California.
Burnie’s other passion is education. As the author of the book “No One Talks About LIGHTING the Elephant in the Room: The Business of Grip and Lighting“, Burnie addresses the need for good business practices in our industry. This spanned the workshop “Bringing Your Business To Light”. The workshop teaches two very important aspects under served by today’s educational institutions – business practices and lighting techniques.

Michigan’s Dave Donaldson: Dave Donaldson is an actor, DP and film crew member known for his work on Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014), Draft Day (2014) and 313 Detectives (2019). He is an online educator and creator of the popular YouTube series “Grip Tips” with 24K subscribers He currently creates all the video content for the Shinola Watch Company of Detroit.

Luke Seerveld is a San Francisco Bay Area gaffer who mainly works on corporate videos, commercials, and documentaries. He runs Seerveld lighting: Having a few years of experience, Luke shares his love of lighting and gripping with those who happen upon his YouTube channel: Meet The Gaffer. He would like to travel and visit people who light on sets around the world. He also enjoys baking pies made with seasonal fruit and sharing slices with his fellow crew.

Matt Townley: Gorilla Creative.
Matt has more than fifteen years of experience in the media and production industry. Having worked his way through a wide range of roles, he has a unique ability to connect the highly technical, creative, and business aspects of production. Matt holds a B.S. in Information Technology and Multimedia Visual Communication. He is the co-founder of Gorilla Creative.

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