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BAPVA Members Only Videos

Videos on this page are restricted and can only viewed by BAPVA members.  These videos contain a wealth of information that can help you with very useful tips  about ways  to improve your video  production skills. Click on Public Videos to access the public area videos.  BAPVA members must be logged into their own Vimeo account to play these videos.

Kevin Shahinian - Finding The Story Within A Wedding

Cinematic wedding films have elevated the art of presenting weddings enormously over the past few years. Kevin has been a leader in developing this style. Essential to this is finding and developing the story within the wedding. Kevin will share techniques about finding the story within the wedding that will help you improve the production value of your wedding films.

Data Storage and File Recovery


Understanding different types of digital storage and the best practice for handling them makes digital video production workflow smoother and less troublesome.  It’s important for filmmakers to understand the process and methods on how to recover corrupted video files. It is a must-know for filmmakers in this age.  Taky’s presentation will make sure that you are prepared when the worst strikes–because it will. (Not that any filmmaker would wish it on his/her worst enemies).

Joe Simon - Brave New World


Creating Dynamic Brand Films and Commercials with a Small Crew

  • Selling YOUR style

  • Planning and preparing concept stories

  • Getting the most out of the gear you have

  • Turning up your lighting game

  • Small crew big results

Barry Braverman - How to Stay Relevant


“It begins with the story”. DP and longtime Wes Anderson collaborator Barry Braverman was our guest speaker recently and shared his experience and enthusiasm for the art of visual storytelling.

Although he was never formally trained as a filmmaker, he happened to own a 16mm camera while studying in France. This made him quite the popular man, and he soon found himself filming school sports.

It wasn’t long before he started doing big-budget corporate documentaries for the oil and pharmaceutical industry. He loved being a cameraman, but knew he needed to gain more experience working on a larger collaborative productions where he wasn’t expected to tackle all aspects of filmmaking.

Stu Sweetow - How to Make Corporate Videos That Don’t Suck


We welcome Stu Sweetow, author of the book “Corporate Video Production” to speak on “How to Make Corporate Videos That Don’t Suck”.

Kevin Dennis - Bridging the Gap


Kevin Dennis of Fantasy Sound Event Services speaks on “Bridging the Gap: Strengthening the Relationship Between Vendors and Venues“. He describes the importance of the Vendor-Venue relationship and how to earn that coveted spot on the “Preferred Vendor List”.

Konrad Czystowski - Wedding Cinematography


We are excited to welcome Konrad Czystowski from Freshsox all the way from Toronto Canada. Konrad's presentation will explore the challenges of shooting excellent Wedding Day Films.

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