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Videos on this page are public and can be viewed by anyone.  BAPVA members can also view private videos that are restricted to members only. Click on Members Only Videos to access the private videos.

Filmmaking with One Light Only

As a filmmaker, you’re probably interested in making your subjects look their best. Whether you’re doing an important interview with a company executive or shooting a sequel to “Night of the Mutant Zombie Overlords II”. Thankfully, you don’t always need a grip truck full of expensive gear to create a blockbuster look. In this workshop, Oren Arieli demonstrates how a single light source can be employed to create a variety of looks quickly, easily and with a minimal investment. With a single, inexpensive light source and a variety of modifiers, Oren covers a variety of lighting styles, when to use them and how to flatter a variety of face shapes.

An Introduction to Narrative Lighting – Jay Holben


DV Magazine’s Technical Editor and Global Cinematography Institute faculty instructor Jay Holben takes you into the world of narrative lighting, creating mood and helping to tell the story through light.  Recorded on Monday, February 17th, 2014 at LHM Studios, this was a hugely informative meeting.

Wedding Cinematography, The Making of a Bad A$$ Wedding Film


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you are only as good as your last film.” So why not make them powerful, emotional and bad-a$$ with some tips from a husband and wife team that have leapfrogged the competition.

Working with DJ's


DJ’s and MC’s are a very important part of weddings and other events. It’s important to work together effectively to maximize the services provided to the clients. A key aspect to working with DJ’s and MC’s is capturing good audio. Wedding and event films can be no better than the recorded audio. Without that, the results are disappointing and amateurish no matter how good the video is.

DJ's Mike Bowns with DJMB Entertainment, Gabriel Esparza with DJ Pudgey, Eric Yee with Spintronix and Harry Kim & Paul Burchfield with Big Fun Disc Jockeys share their tips, tricks and advice for a successful team effort capturing events.

Working with DJ's
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